a Performing Trio in Utah and Salt Lake Counties

Trio Members

Marta Adair

It all started 20 years ago when Marta bought a recorder as a birthday gift for her daughter. When her daughter lost interest after “Hot Cross Buns,” Marta picked up the recorder and taught herself to play. Today she performs with a long-running early music group called Musica Antiqua as well as with the trio, Beyond Baroque.

Marta’s mosaic mailbox

As a recently retired professor from BYU, Marta now enjoys more time in her gardens, creating mosaics, and lots of reading.


Penny Gardner

Penny plays recorders and viol, or viola da gamba, and she arranges many of the songs for the group. Like Marta, Penny also started playing recorder with her daughter in 1994. Not being impressed with the recorder instruction books available, she decided to write her own book, The Nine-Note Recorder Method. Penny teaches beginning recorder to groups of adults and children. She is a member of Salt Lake Recorder Society and Musiqua Antiqua.

Penny’s hobby: writing recorder books
Penny is a fellow of the Central Utah Writing Project and teaches summer writing camps on Nature Journaling. She is author of Italics, Beautiful Handwriting for Children and the Charlotte Mason Study Guide. Penny enjoys reading, gardening, spending time with her grandchildren, and writing recorder music books.
Julie Gritton

Julie Gritton has been practicing and performing music for 45 years! Julie is the group’s vocalist, as well as a recorder player. In her spare time she works as the Assistant Director of the Parent Education Resource Center in the Orem Library, keeps the books for Two Corner Research LLC, and plays mom to three college-aged children. She loves reading, traveling, and stitching. Ask her to whistle a tune, and you’ll be stunned.

One of Julie’s hobbies
(and she has a silly sense of humor…)